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Eagles Vs Patriots - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Patriots – Tale of the Tape

New England Patriots (8-1, 1st in AFC East) vs Philadelphia Eagles (5-4, 2nd in NFC East)

All Time Series Record (14 Meetings): Eagles lead 8 – 6
All Time Score: Eagles 345 Patriots 326

1st Game (11/04/1973): Eagles 24 Patriots 23
Last Game (02/04/2018 – SB LII): Eagles 41 Patriots 33
Last Regular Season Game (@ Foxboro 12/06/2015): Eagles 35 Patriots 28
Last Game in Philadelphia (11/27/2011): Patriots 38 Eagles 20

Biggest Win (11/04/1990): Eagles 48 Patriots 20
Biggest Loss (09/14/2003): Patriots 31 Eagles 10

Eagles Home Record vs Patriots (11 Meetings): 5 – 2
All Time Playoff Record vs Patriots (2 Meetings): 1 – 1
Most Notable Game (02/04/2018 – SB LII): Eagles 41 Patriots 33

Eagles have won last 2 meetings vs Patriots
Patriots have won last 2 games in Philadelphia
Patriots have scored 24+ points in last 6 meetings

Story: The last time these 2 teams played there was a parade 2 days later down Broad Street ending with “Hungry Dogs run faster!”. I spent that day going from bar to bar that I frequent, painted as The Philly Sports Guy doing Eagles chants and singing the fight song, ending at my brothers house to watch with my family the Eagles win their first Super Bowl Championship. Amazed at the 4th and Goal “Philly Philly” call that will forever live in bronze at the Linc. My jeans were just about ripped off as I went to celebrate with everyone on Mac Dade Boulevard and makeup was smeared from crying over this Eagles win. The oncoming flu that came prohibited me from attending the parade, however I had a fantastic seat to watch all the festivities and the most epic celebratory speech I have ever heard by Jason Kelce. I will never forget the feeling of jubilation once the Hail Mary fell incomplete, and the eruption of millions of Eagles fans around the world. WORLD CHAMPIONS! I am sure it is something that every living Eagles fan will never forget!
Ridiculous Tom Brady Facts:
(1) Tom has 3 receptions throughout his career. His longest reception was for 36 yards vs the Eagles. He has only been targeted once in all his playoff appearances, again against the Eagles in Super Bowl 52. We all know how that turned out.
(2) Tom has 68 yards rushing against the Eagles in 4 regular season games played. That averages to 17 yards per game. The only double digit yards he has against any team. The next closest team is the Jaguars at 9.3 yards per game.
(3) Tom has lost more games in November (17) than in any other month.
(4) Tom has been sacked more times (41) and has been intercepted more (14) by NFC East teams than any other NFC division.

Current Line: Eagles +3.5 O/U 44.5 ML Eagles +160

Prediction: This is going to be a tough game all the way around. Can it be called a revenge game for the Patriots? I don’t think so. They are the reigning Super Bowl champs in the most boring Super Bowl ever played, so even if they want to use that as fodder to get up for this game I don’t believe it. Belichek is a good enough coach that I don’t think he needs to use such nonsense to motivate his team. This game will be decided by the defenses. Since the return of the Eagles CB’s they have gone from last in the league to 16th. Jalen Mills, Maddox, and even Darby have done a much better job against the most recent opponents. This game is going to be won in the trenches. Our scheme against Brady must have him nervous about getting hit. We will have to play tight coverage and blitz early to get Brady off his game. Consequently, this is another game where we must run between the tackles. The Pats D is good. 1st in total yards, points and 3rd down conversion, and 2nd against the pass, but only 11th against the run and teams get away from that game plan because they are typically behind. This can not be one of those games where we get away from the run. It needs to be a heavy dose of Howard and Sanders running north-south. If the Eagles are able to stick with that game plan and control the ball, we will win this game.


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Eagles Vs Bills - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Bills – Tale of the Tape

Philadelphia Eagles vs Buffalo Bills

Tale of the Tape

All Time Record (13 games): Eagles lead series 7 – 6
All Time Score: Tied at 245
All Time Record in Buffalo (7 games): Bills lead series 4 – 3

1st Game Played (Oct. 7, 1973): Bills 27 Eagles 26
Last Game Played (Dec. 13, 2015): Eagles 23 Bills 20
Last Game Played in Buffalo (Oct. 9, 2011): Bills 31 Eagles 24

Biggest Win: 3 Times by 10 points
Biggest Loss: Sept 26, 1999 Bills 26 Eagles 0

Eagles have won 3 of last 4 meetings
12 of 13 games have been decided by 10 or fewer points
8 of 13 games have been decided by 7 or fewer points
Bills have won 3 of 4 vs Eagles in Buffalo
Bills have won 5 of 7 regular season games in Buffalo
Bills have held opponents to 17 points or fewer in 7 of 9 regular season games

Story: I do not have a story about the Bills vs the Eagles, however that will change as I will be in Buffalo supporting our BIRDS and looking for a huge bounce back from the previous 2 road games. I look for our Defense to make a couple of huge plays and we break this 2-game snide.

Current Line: Buffalo -1.5 Over/Under 43

Prediction: An inspired Eagles team starts to put the pieces back together led by the Defense and Special Teams. The Offense will have some trouble with the Bills 3rd ranked defense and ultimately it will be the short field that does in the Bills. Score: Eagles 19 Bills 11

Eagles Vs Vikings - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Vikings – Tale of the Tape

All Time Series Record (28 Meetings): Tied 14 – 14
All Time Score: Eagles 671 Vikings 617

1st Game (10/28/62): Vikings 31 Eagles 21
Last Game (10/7/18): Vikings 23 Eagles 21
Last Game at Stadium (SB LII): Eagles 41 Patriots 33
Last Game vs Vikings at Stadium (12/15/13): Vikings 48 Eagles 30

Biggest Win (9/14/80): Eagles 42 Vikings 7
Biggest Loss (12/15/63): Vikings 34 Eagles 13

Eagles Away Record vs Vikings (11 Meetings): 4 – 7

All Time Playoff Record vs Vikings: 4 – 0

Most Notable Game: Jan 21, 2018 NFC Championship Eagles 38 Vikings 7

Eagles have won 2 of 3, 7 of 10, and 10 of 14 vs Vikings
Carson Wentz is 1 of 6 in Dome Stadiums
Kirk Cousins is 5 – 2 vs Eagles

Story: My story revolves around a playoff game but not the NFC Championship. January 16, 2005, I am out with friends Joe and Karen and Karen’s parents at a place called Champs (now PJ Whelihan’s) getting ready to watch the game. The bar is very quiet (which is not my scene), and Karen turns to me and says, “Jamie, you are being very quiet. Are you ok?” I respond, “It’s quiet in here. I am not sure what to say.” Joe turns to me and says, “What do you mean? Just say whatever!” I respond, “Ok. E A G L E S EAGLES!” as loudly as I can. Next thing I know, the owner of the bar comes over with a round of beers and tells us he was hoping someone would do that! Every time the Eagles scored they would bring the microphone over and I would lead everyone in the fight song, I was interviewed and in the local paper the following day, and of course the Eagles won 27-14 on their way to going to Super Bowl XXXIX. It was a good day that day! I look to have the same thing happen this Sunday!

Current Line: Vikings –3 O/U 44

Prediction: I think this will be a close game. If it comes down to who has the ball last I hope the defense has a huge stop. If we have the ball, I have no doubt Carson will lead his first ever game winning drive. Eagles 28 Vikings 23


Eagles Vs Jets - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Jets – Tale of the Tape

All Time Series (10 Meetings): Eagles lead 10-0
All Time Score: Eagles 271 Jets 171

1st Game (Dec 9, 1973): Eagles 24 Jets 23
Last Game (Sept 27, 2015): Eagles 24 Jets 17

Biggest Win (Dec 18, 1977): Eagles 27 Jets 0
Biggest Loss: Not Applicable

Trends: Eagles won last 10 games vs Jets
Eagles have won 5 in a row at home vs Jets
Eagles have won 7 of 8 vs AFC teams (Includes Playoffs)
Jets have lost 6 consecutive regular season games
Jets have lost 7 of 8 games on the road
Jets have lost 3 consecutive years coming off the bye week

Current Line: Eagles -14 Over/Under 43.5

Story: Largest Lead ever held by the Jets (21 points)

Although the Eagles have won all 10 meetings against the Jets, on October 3, 1993, (my 1st game that I was able to watch once out of the Navy) the Jets jumped out to a 21-0 lead by 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter led by Jets QB Boomer Esiason. Although (NFL Offensive Player of the Month in September) Randall Cunningham started the game, he was hurt in the game (fractured leg, lost for the season) and on came back up Bubby Brister. By the beginning of the 4th quarter the Eagles had tied it up at 28. After a 3 and out by the Jets, a good punt had the Eagles pinned on the 1 yard line. The next play from scrimmage, Bubby Brister went back to pass and to avoid the rush threw the ball away from inside the end zone. The call was Intentional Grounding in the End Zone and a Safety awarded to the Jets. The ensuing drive had Boomer bringing the Jets down the field to the Eagle 10. The next pass for Boomer would be picked off by Eric Allen and returned 94 yards for a touchdown. That score would be the game winner keeping the Eagles undefeated at 4-0.
Final Score: Eagles 35 Jets 30

The Philly Sports Guy Prediction: Eagles 31 Jets 9

Eagles Vs Packers - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Packers – Tale of the Tape

All Time Series (43 Meetings): Packers lead 27-16
All Time Score: Packers 881 Eagles 712

1st Game (Oct 29, 1933): Packers 35 Eagles 9
Last Game (Nov 28, 2016): Packers 27 Eagles 13

Biggest Win (Dec 5, 2004): Eagles 47 Packers 17
Biggest Loss (Nov 11, 1962): Packers 49 Eagles 0

Most Notable Game (Dec 26, 1960): 1960 NFL Championship Eagles 17 Packers 13

All Time Playoff (3 Meetings): Eagles lead 2-1

Trends: Packers have won last 2 meeting and 5 of last 6
Eagles are 5-17 at Lambeau and have been outscored 531-358
Eagles have won 3 in a row on Thursday Night Football (2 on the road)
Packers are 6-2 on TNF all wins coming against Division opponents
Packers are 5-0 at home on TNF

Story: Lambeau Field and Green Bay is a nice place to visit. The people there are friendly and the area around the stadium is full of things to do. The field is like going to a high school football game and if it’s cold, you better bring a cushion, because the bleachers are cold, and packed to the gills. That all being said, we won the game last time I was there 27-13. It has been a tough week for the Birds, dealing with the public and the media discussing the drops from Sunday, but I expect that will charge this team to prove that they are a Super Bowl contending team. Green Bay is 3rd from last in the NFC in points scored, and have let up close to 400 yards rushing in 3 games. The Eagles way to win, run the ball! Ground and pound and keep Rodgers on the bench.

Prediction: Eagles 23 Packers 14

Eagles Vs Lions - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Lions – Tale of the Tape

All Time Series: Eagles lead series 16 – 15 – 2
All Time Points: Eagles 712 Lions 683

1st Game Played: 10/14/1934 – Lions 10 Eagles 0
Last Game Played: 10/9/2016 – Lions 24 Eagles 23

Biggest Win: Eagles 44 Lions 7 (12/2/1979)
Biggest Loss: Lions 35 Eagles 0 (9/20/1935)

Eagles Home Record vs Lions: 9 – 9 (Includes playoffs)
Last Home Win: 12/8/2013 Eagles 34 Lions 20
Consecutive Record: Lions have won the last 2 games played
Consecutive Record at Home: Eagles have won 5 of last 6 and 7 of last 9 at home

Playoff Record: Eagles 1 – 0
Most Notable Game(s):

  1. NFC Wild Card 12/30/1995 Eagles 58 Lions 37
  2. (2) Snow Bowl 12/8/2013 Eagles 34 Lions 20

Current Line: Eagles -6.5 Over/Under 45.5

Story: I have never been to an Eagles – Lions match-up, however that will change this Sunday as I will make sure my voice is heard, as we demolish the Lions.

My Prediction: Eagles 26 Lions 13


Eagles Vs Falcons - Tale Of The Tape

Eagles vs Falcons – Tale of the Tape

Eagles lead All Time Series: 20 – 14 – 1
All time Points: Eagles 745 Falcons 614

1st Game 9/18/1966: Eagles 23 Falcons 10
Last Game 9/6/2018: Eagles 18 Falcons 12

All Time Biggest Win: 10/8/1967 Eagles 38 Falcons 7
All Time Biggest Loss: 12/14/69 Falcons 27 Eagles 3

Eagles Away Record vs Falcons: 8 – 8
Eagles last game in Atlanta: 9/14/2015 Falcons 26 – 24
Falcons have won 2 straight vs Eagles at home
Last Eagles win in Atlanta: 12/6/2009 Eagles 34 – 7

Eagles have won last 3 games (Including Playoffs)

Playoff Record (4 games): Eagles 3 -1
Most Notable Game: NFC Championship 1/23/2005
Eagles 27 Falcons 10

Current Line: Eagles -1.5 O/U 51.5

Story: Last time I was in Atlanta for a game was Monday Night Football (9/12/2005). During warm-ups before the game there was a little scuffle between a backup Special Teams player for Atlanta and Jeremiah Trotter. Both were ejected from the game. Atlanta won the game 14-10. Fans in that stadium are soft and did not cheer very much. There will be a large amount of Eagles fans at this game, including a good friend Ebon Markale Flagg. He will make sure to bring home an Eagles win! Go Birds!

Eagles V Redskins

Eagles vs Redskins – Tale of the Tape

Eagles Opening Day Record 39-45-1
Redskins Opening Day Record 41-42-1
Eagles All Time record vs Redskins 78 – 86 – 6
Eagles Largest Win 45-0 (1948)
Redskins Largest Win 42-7 (1958)

Eagles vs Redskins Record Opening Day (11 Games) 5-6-1

Last time the Eagles opened with the Redskins was in 2017 and won 30-17
Last opening day loss vs Redskins was in 1987 34-24

Eagles have won the last 4 games

Eagles lead series since 2000 23-15

First Meeting: Oct 21, 1934 Redskins 6 Eagles 0
Last Meeting: Dec 30, 2018 Eagles 24 Redskins 0
Most Notable Game: Nov 12, 1990 (Body Bag Game)

Current Line: Eagles -9.5 O/U 46.5


Redskins-Eagles Brawl

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